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Ocala Little League is the only Little League-sanctioned program for boys and girls in the Ocala area. Our non-profit organization operates as an all-volunteer program and only works with the financial support of local businesses and community sponsors. To be successful, Ocala Little League requires the support of the local community. Community sponsorships and donations help offset the costs of the program including equipment, player insurance, player uniforms, and other operating expenses. As an individual or local business involved with Ocala Little League, you will be recognized for your goodwill and support of the Ocala Little League Baseball programs. Your tax-deductible donation will help ensure that the children of Ocala are provided a positive experience. We encourage and appreciate your involvement in our program, just as we encourage all the families involved in Ocala Little League to patronize our sponsors, where appropriate. Thank you for your consideration of sponsorship for our 2022 season!


Unfortunately, not all the families can afford the cost of having their child participate in Ocala Little League. Therefore, we ask for sponsorships to help subsidize the cost of new equipment/apparel, scholarships for players who can’t afford to play. More than ever, we are counting on the support of our sponsors to allow us to keep our league affordable and provide a rewarding experience for the families we serve. We welcome any amount you or your company can contribute.



Will you step up to bat and hit one out of the park for the children at Ocala Little League? You will know that you will have helped the young people of this community to develop self-respect, discipline, responsibility, and so many other traits by your contribution! Your involvement is vital in providing an organized team sport that is a fun, safe, and healthy activity!


Our tax ID # is available upon request!


Thank you in advance for all your support!


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Make checks payable to: “Ocala Little League”

For any additional information please contact: [email protected]

**For each additional year of sponsorship receive $100 off for the cost of a banner, valid up to 3 years.

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